Dead Mothers Make the Sun Set

by Bird Eater

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A savage thunderstorm rolled in from the west and swallowed birds without mercy. He raised his head enough to take notice that the clouds were darkening the sky just as the blood running down his arm and off of his hand was darkening the pooling canteen water on the ground below his horse. He had killed them all but not before they had opened his throat and chest with their own message. Go to hell... And he would. And he will.


released February 12, 2014

Recorded at the Boar's Nest. Engineered by Andy Patterson. Mastered at New Alliance East by Nick Zampiello. Artwork by Anthony Lucero. Layout and design by Bryce Kresge.



all rights reserved


Bird Eater Salt Lake City, Utah

Bird Eater is centered around the western desert we grew up in. Utah has been our home since early childhood and it's full of beauty and legend. Some of massacre, some folklore, and others, ghost stories. The desert is a brutal and unforgiving place... And we draw our inspiration from that and from those who have walked it before us. ... more

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Track Name: You Don't Belong Here
Their eyes bulging and strabismic. The left fixed on heaven. The right fixed on hell. In unison, their pink ribbon scars danced as they swallowed through broken necks. Heads cocked like curious birds, they whispered, "Leave this place".
Track Name: Never Buried
I sat gut shot, slumped over under the only tree for miles. It held me and kept me from dying on my back. Black filth seeps through fingers where blood and life had poured from me. I stared to the west. Dead mothers make the sun set. I can hear their chains in the wind. Captive and forced to watch us suffer.
Track Name: Carrion Totem
In the desert, harpies bark the loudest when there is blood on the sand. The red rocks will blacken in the sun. Get out, carrion totem. Four hawks circle. A man wretches like a blind and burning rattle snake. The red rocks will blacken in the sun. Get out, carrion totem. Get out.
Track Name: The Birds Will Take Your Eyes First
I will cut you down and watch you twitch like a dreaming dog. A horse with a broken leg. Panic in your rolling eyes and terrible screams. A crow with a broken wing stirring the dust. In crippled circles you dance for death. The birds will take your eyes first. With a broken spine you writhe and shake like moss in a river strobed by lightning. The birds will take your eyes first.
Track Name: The Black Horse
On this dry earth you'll make red mud. I will bury you in it face down so you never take your eyes off of hell. I put you on the black horse. Don't you dare ask God for mercy I've kept her in the salts of Bonneville. You cut her down but she will never rot.
Track Name: Leather Worker
The canyon floor... A dried up river bed. The sound of a carrion bird scraping and pecking at a skull echoing off the walls. Mechanical. Omnipresent. In sickening rhythms, meticulous as a leather worker. It ate and danced forever.
Track Name: Judgment
His wild eyes wet with the sting of the cold. The dead on the ground steaming before him. Some statued in forgiveness like a congregation of praying penitents. He wished she would eat even their bones as they lie blind and dying in the snow.